Wondering How To Save Money On Your Wedding Day?

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No doubt, if you are presently in the process of organizing your wedding, you are thinking about how you may save money on your big day. In response to a flurry of cancellations and high demand following the pandemic, it is now predicted that weddings will become even more expensive with bridal businesses raising their prices in order to stay afloat and accommodate the massive increase in wedding bookings following the lockdowns. 

Trying to stay within a budget for your wedding? Well, these money-saving suggestions could just come in helpful for you. Continue reading for the budget wedding hacks to save you a small fortune. 

You can also look at my general saving money hacks that can save you some money to add to your wedding funds.

Be open and honest about your financial situation

To stick to a budget, first, create a budget that is both practical and detailed. One where you can track your expenditures. A most effective approach to determine whether or not you can afford what you want. It can also help you identify where you can save money. Where you can then purchase that one thing on your list that might be expensive.

Keep track of your spending and budgeting by creating a spreadsheet. Add all your expenses to it.

Plan a wedding that does not take place on a weekend

Opt for getting married on a weekday. It is more familiar to get married on a Saturday, but these days are quite expensive. Even a Sunday is generally far less expensive.

It is becoming increasingly fashionable to have a Friday wedding. It will provide your guests with a weekend to enjoy after your big day. However, you will need to give your relatives and friends plenty of notice so that they can schedule time off from work if necessary.

DIY your wedding makeup and flowers

Professional makeup artists perform an incredible job, but often charge a high price for their services. If you can develop the confidence to create your own beautiful appearance, it may be a terrific way to save money.

The same goes for your flowers. Instead of paying for a florist to put together your bouquets and centrepieces, look into floristry workshops and do your own. It could be a fun experience for you and your bridesmaids!

Make use of digital invites for your events

Paper wedding invitations are unquestionably beautiful. The downside is that they are not the most environmentally friendly option. In addition, they may be expensive. Particularly if you have a large number of attendees. If you are not tied to the notion of paper invitations, it is an expense you just do not need.

Make your own playlists

Because hiring a band or a DJ may be quite expensive, be creative and create your own playlist. The tunes you will need will last for hours. Make it fun and include your guests in the process by asking them to pick their favourite songs, too.

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