Why A Wood Burner Makes The Perfect Addition To Your Home

The benefits of having a Wood Burner in your home
A home wood burner

Wood burners were once seen more often in countryside homes, but they have had a surge in popularity because they come with plenty of benefits for the homeowner. 

Not only are they beautiful, but they are a fantastic source of warmth too. So what benefits can you expect from a wood burner, and what is a perfect addition to your home? 


The huge increased cost of gas and electricity leaves many families in a challenging situation. In comparison, a wood burner comes with an upfront cost. Those costs can often be recouped ten-fold in the savings on heating. 

Hardwood logs or any good dry fuel source will keep your home warm and comfortable without the expensive energy cost. 


When adding things into your home, you need to know that not only do they have form, but they have a function too. Wood burners offer a beautiful way to heat your home, even more so when you can choose from a stunning range of beautiful wood burners from Opulence Stoves.

A wood burner can be the perfect antidote to nights staring at a TV screen since many people are more content to watch the flames instead. 

Wood burners add a stunning and comforting feature to your living space – and often are the stars of the show. 

Renewable and carbon-neutral 

As we are all trying to do our bit to have a smaller carbon footprint, using a wood burner can help you achieve that goal. 

We know that trees use carbon dioxide when they are alive, and while there is a portion released as wood burns, it is considered a carbon-neutral fuel choice. 

Companies that sell wood designed for wood burners will often run a program where they plant new trees as they chop down others, so there is a positive cycle in place. 

Wood Burner vs. Open Fire

From a safety perspective, wood burners are the safer option when pitched against open fires. Another reason that wood burners have the edge on open fires is that open fires don’t have the same heating efficiency as wood burners. 

On average, it is estimated that open fires have as little as 25% efficiency, while wood burners usually have 80%+. 

This efficiency means that you will get four times the amount of heating for the same amount of burning wood. 

Local economy

When we purchase gas and electricity, we aren’t usually directly contributing to our local economy. Instead, huge companies are seeing massive profits year on year. 

When you switch to a wood burner, you will likely purchase your burning wood from a local company. Purchasing any type of wood fuel from an independent local company puts money back into your local economy. 

And, if you don’t choose to buy locally, you are still more likely to be putting money into an independent seller rather than a huge supermarket. 

Wood burners are a beautiful addition to your home and offer more than just their looks. We know that the colder months can be brutal on most budgets, so if you are on the lookout for the best ways to keep your home cosy and warm, read this: Thoughtful Suggestions On How To Warm Up At Home

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