Who is an Influencer Marketer?

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Influencer marketing is no longer just about paying celebrities to be the face of a product or service; it has extended way beyond this where ordinary individuals can take a slice of the pie in terms of representing brands and being sponsored for promoting their product or services. Influencers who are capitalising on this trend are ranging from parents to young people. People like to follow ordinary individuals because they are engaging and provide honest content resonating with them. However, followers can lose interest if an influencer participates in continuous paid promotional posts.

The difference between micro and macro-influencers?

Influencers categorised as micro-influencers have 100k followers, and those exceeding above this number are macro-influencers. Macro-influencers with a high follower engagement are more likely to get approached by brands for sponsored posts. A high follower engagement is classified as such when posts receive comments and the influencers’ ability to reply to these, which build long-term relationships with their followers and retaining them. However, the opinions of micro-influencers are changing because, even with a small following, it is easier to keep up and engage with followers.

The growth of lifestyle influencers

Blogging is a lucrative business. When done well, influencers can see exponential growth in the number of readers, followers and subscribers to their platforms. Just having a blog is not enough. Visibility across multiple platforms such as Tik Tok, Youtube and Instagram can increase their exposure.

What type of content attracts a following?

Influencers attract followers by creating appealing content to reach audiences. An influencer invites individuals to gain an insight into their personal lives by showing us how they live, what they buy, what they eat, to sharing advice. One of the purposes of posting such content is to gain a possible connection, trust and authenticity with audiences.

Why are brands interested in influencer marketers?

They can inspire individuals to buy products they use, influencing consumers purchase decisions. Whereby according to the Digital Marketing Institute, 86% of women use social media for purchasing advice. Followers of such individuals look to them as a source of inspiration who can recommend products to use and places to visit.

A substantial number of social media influencers are fashion and beauty bloggers. However, some individuals connect and inspire audiences through educating individuals, just like Dustin Ramsdell via podcasts.

Influencers have been around a long time and are an essential part of a companies brand marketing strategy. Followers are interested in their opinion and feel that they can trust and respect what they have to say, and this attribute has led to many brands hiring them as their representatives.

Why do brands need to collaborate with influencer marketers?

As a business, not capitalising on influencer marketing to raise the profile of your products and services can be costly because they have the power to attract new customers, new leads and increase profits. Additionally, incorporating influencers in campaigns lowers cost-per-acquisition (CPA), allows a better engagement rate and increased conversion rates.

To conclude, influencer marketing will only get bigger and bigger. If you decide to become an influencer marketer, you must incorporate these graphic design trends in your marketing strategy.

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