Ways To Save Money Watching Popular Movies

I am getting so excited today to talk to you about one of my favourite pastimes: Watching popular movies. It is even better when I can watch them for free because I am a huge movie fan. So, get your popcorn ready, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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Watch popular movies

If you are anything like me and don’t want to pay too much monthly to watch movies have you considered getting your movie intake by subscribing to Movie Streaming Services?

Were you aware with NOW TV Sky Cinema you can sign up for a 7-day free trial period? The requirements include that you are 18+ and live in the UK.

If not, this option allows you to stream as many movies as you want for free and then cancel. So, no explanation is needed for cancelling your subscription. There are no pushy sales tactics either to keep you subscribed? So, Yes, No questions asked when cancelling your free trial.

You do not need to pay to rent out, buy or have Sky to watch movies.
I have always had a great experience with Now TV Sky Cinema and highly recommend them because you are bound to receive offers sometimes through your email account, signing up for their mailing list.

However, when you receive offers through your emails, ensure you don’t misread the deal as I did once. The promotional offer was for NowTV, which included dramas and other entertainment, not NowCinema. But I am only interested in watching movies. Sometimes there are some that I find I haven’t previously watched or forgot about them and want to watch again.

Although, when I did this, I contacted their customer service team to ask for a refund which was a fast and easy process. No questions asked; the customer service agent understood, happily refunding me the money.

How to make use of your subscription

Once logged in, you can scroll down and see what movies you want to watch. Now course, you will unlikely watch many depending on how busy you are. But you might just want to select a few and add them to your watchlist, which is what I do.

However, the movies are ever-changing, so be sure to check what date the movie you might save to your watch list is on. Like me, you might find the one you want to watch has been removed and is no longer showing because of new movies added.

As an adult, I feel I missed out on many films when I was young and did not so much find appreciation for them as much as I do now. I view and approach them differently and love writing down the best quotes that make an impression on me. So for this, I always leave the subtitles on and pause the movie.

Now TV subscription – Watch Popular Movies

NowTV consists of different channels, and each offers free trial subscription services. You don’t have to limit your subscription to one, but if it is only a free trial you are after, make sure to cancel it a day or two before the trial period ends. And the best part is even if you want to keep your membership, once your subscription ends, you can continue watching for £9.99 and cancel after that because it is a subscription service without contracts, giving you the flexibility to cancel anytime.

Channels Available With Now

  • NowTV
  • Now Cinema + Now Boost – Enables you to watch movies
  • ad-free and at high quality.
  • Now Hayu – Reality TV shows like the Kardashians, The Real Housewives

The benefits of signing up for their mailing list

NowCinema, owned by Sky, like most subscription services, screens movies dating back to the 1980s and earlier. Ensure you sign up to their mailing list to not miss out on their exclusive offers, which can happen sporadically. But still worth a sign-up.

My Exclusive NowTV Subscription offer via email

As a subscriber to their mailing list, I surprisingly but happily received an Exclusive £1 promotional offer for the latest movies for two months. Plus, as a bonus, they offered me one month free for NowTV Boost.

But as a new subscriber, you can sign up for NowBoost on a 7-day free trial at the same time as subscribing to NowCinema. You can cancel this at any time without any problems. Once again, ensure you take note or add it to your calendar when the subscription is up.

I jumped on this offer because the subscription originally cost £9.99 and does so once the subscription ends. However, you have the option to cancel just before this time is up.

Popular Movies I watched with my subscription

I got to see movies I have wanted to watch but never had, such as Day of Thunder – I just love any movie with Tom Cruise. I love his charm, passion, energy and drive.
Staying Alive was rated three stars, but I loved it, I love dance movies and John Travolta. In the heights but, I have to say I didn’t like it because I am not a fan of films based on actors singing apart from the old classics like Annie and The Greatest Showman.

Current movies to watch

Nelson Mandela, Groundhog Day, Limitless, Kind Richard, The Social Network, A Beautiful Mind, The Electrical Life of Louis Wain, Dune and many more.

Popular Movies And Latest Films

If you are eager to find out about the latest films showing

  • Go to the Now TV website, scroll down
  • you will see The Cinema Membership select that,
  • This takes you to the section where you can check out what movies are currently screening. 

You can also go to Movies – NOW Community (nowtv.com) to check out future movies they will be screening.

NowTV Customer Service

I highly recommend their customer service. Every time I got through to an agent, they helped me out straight away. When looking for advice or help, it is simple to reach their customer service team.

Go to their website,
scroll down to the end of the homepage either when logged into your account or not,
and you will see a category and link which says “How to Contact Us.”
Click on get in touch, which will ask you what your query is about; select whatever option fits best.

How To Cancel The Subscriptions Subscribed To

Simple, log into your membership. On the right-hand side, you will see my account. Click through, where you will find all your subscriptions and a button below that says cancel. Then ensure you follow all the next steps, which only take 2 secs.

I hope by you reading this article I have convinced you and you have decided to look into my suggestions. Please let me know what you think and maybe even let me in on which films you watch and from which movies you take inspiration.

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