Ways To Improve Your Bathroom


Are you thinking about improving your bathroom space to make it more enticing to enter for you and your guests? Well, you have come to the right place because, in this article, I discuss six ways to improve your master bathrooms so you can enjoy the space more and be happy with how it looks.

Your master bathroom is an essential room in your home. You use it often, and as a homebuyer, you will care about how it looks and feels. Building and maintaining a better bathroom will require some effort and work on your part. You’ll need to invest both time and money into the makeover, but it’ll all be worth it in the end when you see how beautiful it looks and how much more functional of a room it becomes.

1. Clean it

The first tip is obvious but essential to ensure you keep your master bathroom clean and tidy to improve it and combat indoor toxins. A messy and dirty bathroom is hard to look at and no fun to use. Come up with a regular cleaning schedule and make sure this room is a top priority. It may also help to keep cleaning supplies in the bathroom or nearby so you can grab and use them whenever necessary. It’s also wise to do a deep clean and scrub the tiles and grout every so often to keep dirt and grime away. Also, get in the habit of regularly wiping down the mirrors and sinks.

2. Decorate it & Get Organised

Improve your master bathroom by decorating the space and adding some personal touches. Get organised by maximising storage space by using cabinets and drawers and installing new options such as floating or Sleeper Shelves. You can practically put anything you want on these units, such as decorative items or towels and plants. Modernise your mirror and hang colourful and eye-catching artwork on the walls. You might also want to consider adding more texture and mixing up your metal finishes. Also, don’t be afraid to add more colour to help your bathroom feel less sterile.

3. Add More & Better Lighting

Lighting should always be a top priority when considering updating your master bathroom. You must be able to see what you’re doing when you’re getting ready and using the room. Upgrade the lighting and fixtures and put some lights on dimmer switches. Also, be sure to have a candle holder attached to the wall with a bracket known as sconces near the sink and mirror so you can instantly see and illuminate this area. Think about replacing your current bulbs with LED options. You’ll likely want to call an electrician who can properly install and rearrange your bathroom lighting for you.

4. Install A Large Shower


Your master bathroom will be that much more enjoyable and beautiful when you install a large shower. A luxury walk-in shower can make all the difference and have an immediate impact on the aesthetics of your bathroom. Make your room and bathroom feel big by adding a clear glass door instead of a shower curtain. It’ll make for a more comfortable showering experience, they’re easier to clean, and your bathroom will feel roomier with a large and luxury walk-in shower. While you’re at it, you can also increase the shower pressure.

You’ll not only have recessed storage for your belongings but making this update will also add home value. Having this spa-like quality in your master bathroom will have you falling in love with your home again, and home buyers will appreciate it when you want to sell your property one day in the future.

5. Apply Fresh Paint

Another way to improve your master bathroom is to apply fresh paint. Use this as an opportunity to use a new colour in your bathroom and make it more inviting and modern. You can not only paint the walls a new hue but also think about painting your door or vanity and cabinets a different and more vibrant shade. Paint will go a long way in helping your bathroom feel brand new and look more attractive. You may choose to add fresh paint in some areas and install wallpaper on one wall or near the mirror. They make peel-off wallpaper if you’re not fully committed to it but want a change.

6. Invest in New Flooring

Finally, you can improve your master bathroom by investing in new flooring. You walk on your bathroom floor each day, so you want it to be both attractive and comfortable. You may also want to consider whether you would like to instal heated flooring in the bathroom or go for the simple option of purchasing a bathroom rug. Make sure whatever flooring you choose is best suited for the bathroom and that they’re easy to keep clean and maintain. 

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