Ways to avoid wasting sheets of kitchen tissue

Kitchen roll

Do you or anyone in your household tend to waste sheets of kitchen tissue because of convenience? Well, STOP! 🙂

I know we do this because it has become a habit but, it is about being more conscious about these habits and changing them if need be.

I use kitchen tissue for different purposes, which everyone does

  • Wiping down crumbs from the kitchen table 

To get rid of the leftover food from my plate before placing it inside the sink 

(This is what we should all be doing to avoid outside drains getting blocked, as well as avoid pests such as mice and rats)

  • To wipe those nuisance spills

Now, you probably have not given this much attention but, I do and here is my tip on what I do and how my family have also started to follow suit. 

How to stop wasting kitchen tissue

Instead of wasting one whole sheet of tissue, I cut a small piece to use each time. I use the brand Mighty which I purchased from Lidl at a great price of £1.25. It is just a replica of the brand Blitz but cheaper. I find that the kitchen towel, produced by the brand Regina Blitz can be quite pricey from big supermarket chains but, this is such a great alternative. I love this kitchen towel compared to any other brand. You will find there are so many sheets on the roll, it is thick in texture and has strong absorption power. It saves money in the long run and, this way, you won’t have to keep purchasing tissue rolls each time you shop because you will see that it lasts longer. 

Limit what you buy every week

One of my pet peeves is needlessly having to shop for the same products each week when I do not have to. You will notice that what would last for a week lasts for two or even three weeks, depending on how many people live in your household.

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