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TopCashback UK is an online website to go to when making online purchases. They offer savings on the amounts you spend with a retailer by a percentage rate applied to your order. With 5000+ retailers they connect you with so that you can save on your big or small purchases. The retailers include Argos, eBay, Boots, Etsy and many more. The latest offers are detailed below. It is a free site and easy to navigate. All you need to do is sign up or log in to create an account. Click here to find out how the Sainsbury’s Nectar Card works.

How easy is Topcashback UK to use?

For easy access to such offers, TopCashback has made it easy for consumers to receive these savings. You can go directly to your purchase via their website download their Mobile App as well through your app store so that it can be readily available for you to access on your phone.

A feature TopCashback has on their website is a free cashback browser extension downloadable via your Laptop or PC. A browser extension automatically informs you of a deal going on at the time with the retailer you visited. It makes finding a cashback deal hassle-free because you don’t need to go to the TopCashback website each time to search for offers.

TopCashback UK Memberships

There are two memberships for you to select from Classic or plus.
The classic membership is free. It entitles you to receive standard cashback savings. The plus membership is where if you are a new member, you can get free 30-day trial access to see what you can get with it. As a plus member, you receive higher cashback savings and only pay £5 from your annual savings. Highly worth it if you do most of your frequent shopping online. Whatever option is best for your lifestyle and spending habits.

How to withdraw money from cashback site?

It is a free site and easy to navigate. All you need to do is sign up or log in to create an account. In the account section, you can keep track of what you spent and the money you gained from your purchase. Once you place an order with the retailer with TopCashback, you will receive your savings within 14 working days, which on request, get transferred to you in one working day.

TopCashback also has a cashback promise where if you find that one of their competitors, such as Quidco, is offering a better deal, they will match it.

Supermarket cashback

Sainsbury’s supermarket cashback latest deals

£10 cashback on a £40+ spend at Sainsbury’s Groceries

£10 cashback on a £10+ spend on Tu

Food shopping online is so convenient as it saves you time and energy when you can expend your energy elsewhere. 

Your our savings can be a double whammy because if you have a Nectar Card, you can link your card to some of these online retailers. 

For example, eBay and Argos enable you to connect your Nectar Card via your online account, helping you to gain points, which are then converted into money to spend in Sainsbury’s. (Don’t have one? Sign-up today)

When purchasing groceries or clothes via the Sainsbury’s website through TopCashback, you can link your Nectar Card when signing up for an online account, which will earn you additional points accumulating to more savings. 

You then have the option of transferring these savings either to use on your next food shopping bill or at a later time in the year, or you can leave the points on the card because there is no expiration date for when you have to use all your collected savings. I know someone who accumulated £500 because they didn’t spend their points. 

In this case, if you are using a laptop to go to TopCashback,

  • Search for the retailer E.g. Argos,
  • View the details of the offer,
  • Select the link “Get Cashback Now,”
  • Select go to the website where you can then log into Argos if you have already created an account with them or whatever retailer previously.

More latest offers

Argos Cashback – £10 cashback on a £10+ spend at Argos

Just eat Cashback – £5 cashback on £10+ spend at Just Eat

Superdrugs Cashback – 100% cashback up to £10 at Superdrug

Tesco supermarket cashback – Up to 12% cashback on Tesco Groceries

Boots Cashback – 6% cash back at Boots

To conclude, I hope this article has given you some idea of how TopCashback UK works. Let me know what you think in the comments. Feel free to share my post on Pinterst or Twitter.

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