Thoughtful Suggestions On How To Warm Up At Home

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The winter months can play havoc with our finances, as our central heating comes on and our monthly bill soars. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to keep you and your family warm without relying solely on your central heating. This article is going to share some life hacks for keeping your house warm this winter.

Invest In A Good Sealant

Poorly sealed windows and doors are a common cause of a cold home. This doesn’t mean that you have to invest in renovating. However, purchasing a decent sealant like Sikaflex 11fc plus can help. When buying the sealant, make sure it’s a colour match with your existing seals. They usually come in black, grey or white. Run the sealant along the seals in your external walls and you’ll be surprised how much this can help with heat retention. In addition to this, make or buy a draught excluder to block any additional space under doors.

Move Items Away From The Radiator

Your radiator needs room in front of it and above it in order to circulate heat effectively. As tempting as it is to place that chair directly in the range of toasty heat, move your furniture forward and away from radiators so they are able to circulate heat properly. Even small items like drying clothes or nearby fabrics can detract from heat circulation in the home. You’ll get the chance to rearrange your home and keep it organised, as well as save some money in the process.

Set A Timer For Your Central Heating

Controlling your use of central heating with a timer can save you up to 40% on your traditional heating bill and keep you warmer. If your central heating is on a timer, you can wake up to toasty warmth and ensure that you go to bed warm, with the comfort of knowing the heating will turn off without you getting out of bed. Newer boilers also have smart controls, like a remote-controlled thermostat, and are much more energy and heat efficient than older models.

Get Your Radiators Checked

Over time, your radiators can build up with sludge and debris, making them run slower and be less heat efficient. Getting your radiators checked regularly will ensure that your house can keep warm all winter long. Radiators are also quite affordable to replace, so repairing older or damaged ones will save you warmth and money in the long run. Sludge build-up in radiators can even damage your boiler if left unchecked, so keep on top of getting your radiators drained and replaced every year.


Ensuring your windows and doors are properly sealed is a great and affordable way to keep your home warm. Move any furniture and items away from radiators to ensure that the heat can circulate, and get your radiators checked regularly to ensure that they are running efficiently. Finally, a simple timer on your central heating means that you can wake up to a warm home, and save money in the process.

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