Christmas Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar
Advent Calendar
Popcorn Shed – Jingle Bell Pop Gourment Popcorn Advent calendar

Have you thought about what advent calendar to gift to your loved ones?

Why not purchase the Popcorn Shed – Jingle Bell Pop Gourment Popcorn Advent calendar 112g @ £16.95. Click on Advent Calendars available at Sous Chef, where you will be taken straight to their page.

The countdown to Christmas should be a joyous time, and there is no better way that I would like to offset the countdown than with popcorn.
This advent calendar has a total of 17 popcorn packs and consists of six flavoured coatings of popcorn where you get to eat the same flavours once again after tasting them for the first time.

The six flavours included are Salted Caramel, Berry Licious, Peanut Butter, Pecan Pie, Pop and Choc and Butterscotch. These flavours exceeded my expectations. Slightly sceptical about how the Berry Licious and Pop and Choc coating would taste but they did taste good. These popcorn treats are great to share, eat alone or gift to your kids. Kids will love the Pop and Choc flavour because they taste just like Kelloggs Coco Pops.

The popcorn flavours in this Advent calendar

The salted caramel flavour had a sweet but not too sweet, subtle taste, unlike the ones you get with some popcorns.
The Berry Licious flavour was different as expected but tasty.
The Pecan Pie flavour was one of my three favourites. It was sweet but not too sweet.
My second favourite was the Peanut butter which was a great addition to the mix.
Lastly, the Butterscotch popcorn flavour makes you want to go back for more.

When opening each day of December, you will see a message on the inside of the opening side, but I won’t spoil what these say. You will have to buy them to find out what each message entails. It just makes that experience a bit more fun.

Overall, they taste great, they don’t stick to your teeth, and you find a reasonable amount of popcorn inside each packet. I highly recommend this advent calendar because of its unique features and sayings to get you excited up to the lead up to Christmas.

Buy them by clicking this link, if you haven’t done so already. Advent Calendars available at Sous Chef.

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