What are the best notebooks for a diary?

The best notebooks

There are many providers on the market, from the basic to the more fun, stylish creative notebooks. The best notebooks for a diary are from TK Maxx in terms of value and price. Not only that, sign-up for the TK Maxx store loyalty card, and collect five receipts to receive five keys to be eligible for a free gift, which I have spoken about in more detail in this post. Click Here to find out more. So another good reason to stock up on notebooks but pay for them in separate transactions.

TK Maxx Stationery

Were you aware that TK Maxx sells stationery? Some have a small section available, whilst others have a larger one. You can find this section at the back of the store hidden away. I find that not all of them stock the same notebooks, but maybe this is due to selling out quicker than others or sometimes may get different stock.

The best notebooks

The best notebooks for a diary

If you see a notebook, you like, buy it. Recently I saw a White spiral notebook with little poodles on the outside and instantly regretted not buying it, so I went into another TK Maxx, but they didn’t have it. I ended up buying another one I didn’t see in the other store, but I equally love this one. 

They have a different selection of notebooks to choose from, and the price ranges from £3.99 for small-sized notebooks to £8.99, which depends on the size and notebook design. I would stock up on these because they are a great price. 

I purchased one from a supplier named “The Country Diary of An Edwardian Lady” I thought it was so cute and elegantly put together I had to buy it. It has birds, branch leaves and butterflies, on the outside, stand-out colours too. When you open the book front and back, there are two sides of gold paper, which cost me £3.99.

The best notebooks for a diary

To my surprise, they also sell books. I came across a medium-sized Wuthering Heights book with different book covers not too long ago.

Due to the book cover, one at £4.99 and the other at £10.99. But you can find this cheaper at Amazon here if you are interested paperback at £2.69

How can I be more organised?

In addition, I found self-help books like: 

“Do One Thing Every Day To Simplify Your Life Journal By By Robie Rogge and Dian G. SmithBy Robie Rogge and Dian G. SmithRobie Rogge and Dian G. Smith.” This cost £7.99.

Do One Thing Every Day To Simplify Your Life Journal – TK Maxx UK

Now I can’t say this will be available at the store you shop from or online. However, this is what you can look out for the next time you are in TK Maxx. You never know what other books you might find that take your fancy. 

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