The Best Facial Cleanser – Spot-Prone Skin

The best facial cleanser for spot-prone skin
The best facial cleanser for spot-prone skin

Are you fed up with seeing spots on your face and want to solve the problem? In this article, I will recommend The best facial cleanser for spot-prone skin. A perfect spot solution that worked for me and certainly will work for you. For another beauty makeup tip click here

How to get rid of facial spots

Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution from The Body Shop. £15.00

I heard about Tea Tree Oil which helps get rid of facial spots for some time, and I never actually tried it myself. But recently, I had several pimples on my forehead, so I decided I had to try it out.

I purchased a solution for my whole face, and I am not kidding; it reduced my pimples in three weeks. I didn’t even apply it in the morning and evening just in the morning after cleansing. This solution not only reduces spots but also improves the entire condition of your skin. You will see an overall improvement within four weeks. It exceeded my expectations, and I love it. Within that time, the spots were improving each time, slightly. I highly recommend it because it is the best facial cleanser for spot-prone skin.

How to apply this facial cleanser to the skin

Skin Routine Instructions for applying, which by the way, you don’t have to follow

For applying, the instruction states: add two to three drops on your fingertip and massage it onto your face. Follow morning and night after cleansing and before moisturising.
However, I didn’t follow the instructions and did it the way that worked for me. So I applied three drops into my hand, then used my finger to lightly dab the solution and massage it to my entire face focusing more on my forehead because that is the only place I had spots.
There is a strong smell to it. But don’t worry because it disappears after a short while.

What causes facial spots?

Spots appear on your face due to several lifestyle factors.

  1. As women going through the mensuration cycle, spots appear maybe a week or a day to two days before we start our period because I know it is like this for me. 
  2. Our emotions can cause these reactions to your skin, sometimes with our knowledge and sometimes without. Emotions like feeling stressed, sad or low, overwhelmed, burned out or unhappy. 

However, I wouldn’t rule out lifestyle or environmental factors involved here, such as

  • Heat and sweat
  • Not cleaning your makeup brushes
  • Touching your face with your hands before washing them, therefore, spreading germs onto the skin

Nevertheless, whatever has caused these spots in the first place, the good news is there is a solution to get rid of them. A solution you can always turn to when in need. So, there is no need to panic or create more unhappiness around seeing a spot. Ruminating and thinking it won’t go away.

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To conclude, have you tried this, and how did it go for you? Did you see similar results? Let me know. I am interested to hear your views. Feel free to like and share on Pinterest and Twitter.

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