Feel better about your spending with loyalty cards

I like to take advantage of all loyalty cards on offer, and these days many retailers and supermarkets have loyalty cards. More on loyalty cards here.

The Waitrose loyalty card, known as myWaitrose, is a great card to have in your purse or wallet, even if you don’t often shop there. There are benefits to be had. Maybe, knowing these will tempt you to pop in when walking by. 


The Advantages Of The mywaitrose Card

If you didn’t know already Waitrose are no longer offering a free newspaper when you shop in-store from 22 February 2022.

  • What they are offering is savings on the products you buy. They will make these offers each week personalised on what you buy.
  • Special prices just for members on a range of products.
  • Fancy taking up a new cooking cuisine Great you will get a discount on the class you book.
  • No need to go to the till points to scan your shopping. You can do this with their in-store scanners called “Quick Check”.

You will still receive your myWaitrose offers by first scanning your card onto the device. This is just the same as the Sainsburys SmartShop scanner.

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How to download these magazines

Get hold of their free “Award-Winning” Waitrose magazine, which includes their Foods, Drinks and Health editions.  (If you are unsure of which one applies, ask a member of staff so you won’t make unexpected purchases).

These magazines are also available to download from the myWaitrose app. That’s if you don’t like printed copies. You can find it on your phone apps’ store. Plus, you don’t need to purchase anything when downloading them on the app. Shop online at Waitrose? You may want to download the myWaitrose app from your app store so that you can link your card if you do online shopping too.  

To get hold of the card, type in your search bar www.waitrose.com or type in Waitrose into your google search engine. Once on the website, on the top right-hand side, you will see a link to myWaitrose. Click on the link, which will take you to the myWaitrose page where you will see a banner saying myWaitrose membership, click on this and register to receive the card in the post. 

Ensure you sign up for their newsletter so that you won’t miss out and receive updates on their special offers, view recipes and stay in the know.


  1. apart from a free newspaper I cant see on this site what advantage your card has, what it offers. Tesco club card offers reductions on certain items or points which can be exchanged in part payment for goods

    1. Hiya

      Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Yes I can see there is limited amount of information about the MyWaitrose card which I will update. I did provide a link which takes you straight to the MyWaitrose card benefits page I hope this helps.

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