Store loyalty card you need to have

store loyalty card

In this post, discover what my LAkELAND store loyalty card offers and how you can gain savings. You might also like to read this article for more loyalty cards I review.

store loyalty card

What Products Do Lakeland Sell?

Lakeland supplies a fantastic range of homeware, baking and cleaning products sure to make you fall in love with them and want to spend money. Due to the vast range of products available, I like to go in sometimes and browse their selection of bakeware accessories. I recently purchased chocolate moulds because I like chocolate, and I would like to experiment and mix things up a bit.

Store loyalty card: The benefits of signing up for my LAKELAND

Have you signed up for the my LAKELAND loyalty card yet?

Click on the link and sign up. If you don’t have a Lakeland nearby, then no problem. Still, sign up because you can shop with them online through their website. Sign up and receive the card to benefit from the rewards and offers.

And the next time you are nearby a Lakeland store, and you see something you want to buy, ensure your card is scanned by the cashier. Just go to google and search for your local Lakeland store.

Like any other retailer loyalty card, they also enable you to enter exclusive competitions. They partner with other companies to bring you exclusive offers and offer you discounts for being a member.

Some deals include saving 15% on Bloom and Wildflowers and gift purchases. And 10% off, cottage stays and many more. check them out. Resulting in more savings than one if you are planning either a getaway trip or want to occassionally purchase flowers for special occasions.

Reward Cards: What is offered with the my Lakeland card.

What happens after signing up?

Once you sign up for a loyalty card online, you will receive the card in the post. And Accompanied with the card are two vouchers. Where you receive a £5 off voucher when you spend £25 online or in-store. The second voucher is to receive 10% off your purchase to use in the store or by calling them to place your order. It is great because you can choose which one you want to use or use them both as they don’t expire in my case until the 31st of October 2021, but this will depend on when you apply.

Also, ensure you subscribe to their mailing list to be in with the chance to receive a £100 gift card and receive offers, news and events. I have.

Do you have one? How do you use yours? Have you won any of their competitions? Comment below.

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