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I have been a user of the nectar card for a long time. Even if you hardly shop in Sainsbury’s but who doesn’t. It is worth having. They always have these fruit and vegetable challenges on their app, which is fun to keep track of how much fruit and vegetables you are buying. It gives you a breakdown of how many points you have received for your fruit and vegetable purchases and they occasionally have these challenges which, are also a great way of getting kids involved. More loyalty cards to add to your wallet or phone.

The image is of fruit and vegetables in a supermarket. This represents shopping for fruit and vegetables.

In addition, you receive offers that you can save to your app. I receive 20 offers which are dependent on my shopping habits. You receive notifications via email or on your phone. 

You get points with the Nectar card every time you shop with them. (How do you check your Nectar points balance?)

These then convert into money. It stays stored in your app but, you can use these points to pay for your next shopping. I like to use up my points at Christmas time. It is great to keep seeing the money adding up every month and then finally getting the chance to use this for a substantial shopping trip expenditure at Christmas time. 

Additional ways to receive points with the card

You can also use your nectar card when purchasing products online from other retail stores. I shop at Asos and Argos and get points for these. You can also receive points when shopping in HM, Boohoo, Vue cinema, new look and many more. Download the app on your phone. You will see all of the retailers listed there.  

Just think about how much money you could be saving on your shopping bill. I get a buzz from seeing how many points I have, but I don’t shop for the sake of shopping in other retail stores. I do it on odd occasions and only on products I need. Long gone are the days when I would impulse buy. 

Thank you for reading! I hope my advice has helped you.

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