Simple Ways To Make Your Home Smell Sweeter

Are you looking for simple ways to make your home smell sweeter?

There’s nothing better than walking into a house that smells good. It’s obviously very good for the senses but a fresh-smelling home can elevate your happiness levels too. 

Unfortunately, unpleasant odours can arise from time to time. Smelly garbage bins, pets, and lingering odours emanating from our carpets are just some of the things that can contribute to a nasty pong. You might not notice these smells if you have adapted to them but If any of your friends have ever walked into your home and wrinkled their noses in disgust, you know there might be a problem.

Thankfully, it’s relatively easy to achieve a sweeter smelling home. Here are just a few of the things you could do.

4 ways to make your house smell sweeter

#1: Freshen up your carpets

Pets, muddy shoes, drink and food spills…just a few of the things that can cause your carpets to smell. Odours can remain even after you have cleaned up any mess and these can build up over time. 

To remove odours, you could sprinkle baking soda onto your carpet as this will soak up any nasty smells. Brush it into your carpet pile, wait an hour or so and then give your carpet a vacuum. If this doesn’t work, perhaps because your carpet is old and has experienced multiple spills and pet accidents over the years, you might want to get in touch with carpet cleaning specialists to give your carpets a deeper clean.

#2: Add some sweet-smelling plants and flowers

Plants can purify your air so it’s worth adding a few around your home for your health and the health of your family. They can also fill your home with beautiful fragrances, which is especially useful in those rooms that tend to be a bit more whiffy than others.
So, consider these fragrant flowers and perhaps add a few around your home. You could also grow them in your garden to make your exterior smell nice as this would help you when you’re trying to relax outdoors in the summer months.

#3: Minimise the smells from your garbage bin

The combination of food scraps and other bits of rubbish can lead to a nasty pong so it’s advisable to change your bin liner regularly. You should also give your bin a good clean on a regular basis to remove any nasty deposits that remain after you have taken out the bin bag.

When you replace your bin liner, sprinkle some baking soda into it as this will soak up any odours when you add rubbish into your bin. It’s a good idea to keep your bin away from sunlight too. This way, food will take less time to decompose so there will be fewer nasty smells.

#4: Make your own potpourri

You could buy potpourri from the store, of course. But if you can’t quite find the scent you want, you could make your own, using the ingredients that are attractive to your nose. 

Check out these potpourri recipes for a few examples and have a go at creating them at home. You could also gift potpourri to others at Christmas time so it’s worth learning this skill, beyond trying to make your home smell sweeter. 

A sweeter smelling home is a more welcoming home so we hope these ideas were useful to you. Not only will you benefit from the efforts you make but your visitors will too!

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