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Herbs Grown
Growing herb seeds

Every day, weekly or monthly, I try to think of ways to save money. I have never thought about growing herbs at home; I buy them from the supermarket. Most of the time, herbs such as parsley and coriander go rotten because I haven’t used them. Therefore, this summer; triggered me to make a conscious effort to take action.

I wish I had done this a little sooner in the year because I could have fully grown herbs by now. They have been growing very slowly but, as long as they have sprouted a little, I know they will eventually get to the desired length they need to be.

I have always loved getting out and about into nature, going to the park smelling the flowers on show. However, sometimes I get too caught up in my responsibilities where I can not take myself away.

Herbs Grown

I can not wait to keep going with this project of mine. It is such a great way to boost your mental health too. It makes you feel like you are achieving something and it is so great to see the seeds sprouting.

I compared the prices of herb seeds from various companies and found them to be; quite expensive for a single pack but, after a bit of digging around on Etsy, I purchased a 12 herb seed mix. The best value on the market. They are great. You can even start growing them from now onward. It comes with helpful instructions at the back of the pack and, they come packaged in an attractive box, even making a great gift.

I had compost and; several empty pots only filled up; with snails and other reptiles. Once cleaning these out, I added a bit of compost and spread a few seeds inside; I put another layer of compost.

I covered the pots with a cover I purchased from the Range. I am not sure if it is in stock now but, they and other gardening centres have an alternative, self-assembly greenhouse structures or netting. You have to be careful of the wind. It can make the cover overturn and, you don’t want this to happen. However, to solve this, I put a brick on both sides of the legs to keep it held down.

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The above advice does not deter snails from getting inside the pots. My advice here would be to purchase a snail and slug killer which you can purchase a big bottle from garden centers or Poundland, it really does the trick of deterring the snails but all you need to add is two or three pellets.

As I stated above, growing herbs has been great for supporting my mental health but if you are looking for more helpful tips about how to improve your mental health visit

I hope this advice helps you

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