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In this article, I give you a run-through of what I do in order to use up the whole liquid in my foundation bottle. Before I buy a new foundation I like to use up the whole liquid because let’s face it branded foundations cost more money than a non branded foundation. More beauty hacks.

What do you do when your foundation runs out? Has it run out or, have you been deceived? Now you know it hasn’t run out because you can still see some of the remaining liquid on the sides. What do you do next? Throw it away or, rather, try to save the remaining liquid?

You can get so much out of that leftover foundation if you think about what you have in your makeup bag that you can use to scrape it out.

Do you have any makeup brushes that you hardly use because you replaced them with new ones? I do. I have made a conscious effort about thinking of other ways I can re-purpose them.

In the past, I threw away all of my foundations. I didn’t even think of thinking about how to scrape the leftover liquid. Is it just me but; getting older makes you think about making a conscious effort to change your habits when it comes to making things go a long way. I hate wasting things where I can use them.

It is not messy as it sounds

  • Place a tissue on the table
  • Loosen the foundation pump to take the lid off    
  • You will see a long stick (scrape the foundation off of this if you want to)
  • Use a thin eye shadow makeup brush that fits snugly into the foundation hole.

There you go, you will be surprised at how much foundation is remaining.

It gives me great satisfaction knowing that I can use up all of the foundations. I don’t need to spend unnecessary money buying more foundations and wasting the current ones I have.

I also have to confess I don’t follow the guidelines which tell you that you need to replace your foundation within 24 months. You will see this displayed at the back of the bottom of the bottle. I do not see a problem with using the foundation for another three or even six months. That’s if there is any remaining.

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