How to pour dishwasher salt into the dishwasher compartment?

Image of dishwasher salt
Image of dishwasher salt

This post is to all dishwasher users out there. Are you struggling to find a solution to this problem? I will share a quick fix about how I got around this and how I started to add dishwasher salt with such great ease. It does not take a genius to work out, I know, but, this is how I got around it.

Do you find the 3 kg dishwasher salt that comes in a bag problematic to pour into the dishwasher compartment?

I tried using a spoon but, this didn’t work either because the granules were going everywhere, therefore, wasting the granules.

After a lot of struggle, patience and care, the pain of my problem was shortly answered. 

What is the solution you ask?

One day I purchased a large tube of vanish stain remover to remove stains from my clothes. It came with a handy little cup, which I put to use for two purposes. I did not know whether this would work but, it did. What a relief that was to me. 

I could quickly and easily dip the cup into the salt bag and scoop a sufficient amount without worrying about the granules falling outside the compartment. Also, if you have one of those measuring cups, this might work too.

I wish that the companies supplying dishwashers or even the dishwasher salt would include a handy tool like this. If the brand vanish stain remover has thought about this then surely other companies can do the same. It would make life that little easier, and less thought would have to go into coming up with a solution because it will have already been provided for you. 

I am interested to hear about whether this has also been one of your pain problems or nuisances and whether it has not crossed your mind about how you could solve it.

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