How to decide on a career

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Many of us think that our career should be a complete gateway to happiness and contentment. Some people believe it should be a logical extension of their lives. For example, if you work really hard to make your home safer for you and your family, this could become a logical progression. But for many of us, work becomes something that we just have to put up with rather than it providing real satisfaction. So what does it really take to find a job that will make you happy?

Be Honest About What You Want

This isn’t as easy as you think. We all have conflicting ideas and ideals for our perfect job, and therefore, our priorities can “seesaw.” Figuring out what makes you happy in your daily life means having a lot of self-awareness and, potentially, a significant amount of experience.

Some people feel that their passions should equate to their career choice. And this is where sustainability consultants can earn their keep. Or anybody that has a very strong moral compass can find themselves working within a charitable cause. But a lot of this is window dressing if you are not honest about what you really want. You’ve got to ask yourself the difficult questions and think about your values.

A women holding her hands up to the sky feeling empowered

Don’t Look at Your Career, Look at Your Life

Many people focus on their career thinking that they are going to be happy if they automatically fix this one component. Why your career may seem like something you have more control over in your life, if you focus on this and nothing else, you are not going to find happiness in any other part of your life. This is why you should address, not just the type of job that would suit you now, but one that would suit you for the foreseeable future. Your career is one-third of your life, and you spend one-third of it sleeping, so don’t forget about that other third.

Forget About the Idea of “a Role”

So many people are constantly browsing online job ads to find a role that fits them. Did it ever occur to you that maybe the role doesn’t exist? Many people are naturally pivoting towards being self-employed for this very reason. You have more control over your life, but also you can create a role that defines you.

However, you may find a role that is diverse enough that it actually covers 90% of what you want. But sometimes what we want is not actually a role, per se. Sometimes, we need to stop analysing what we are passionate about but focus on what we could be doing in our dream role. Because we can end up doing a job that can become a passion.

The concept of happiness in our career does not relate to the job itself. But it’s to do with how we feel at the end of the day. If you are looking for a career that makes you happy. You have to remember the importance of just being content in a role. We all feel like we want to change the world, but sometimes we need to focus on our individual world.

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