How to Clean the Air in Your Home: Plant Ideas

Indoor Plants
Indoor Plants

Adding plants to a bedroom, where we spend most of our time, is a great way to improve the air quality. Plants are a great way to get rid of toxins from hair sprays and perfumes and are proven to make you get a better nights sleep. Several indoor plants will work well in bedrooms and other areas. In this blog post, I talk about plants you can add and their benefits.

How do plants purify the air?

Plants are one of the best ways to purify the air in homes, offices, and other areas and improve indoor air quality. They absorb carbon dioxide during photosynthesis which isn’t good for us to breathe. The higher the level of carbon dioxide floating around in a room or space makes breathing harder. (especially asthma sufferers).

The plant leaves also release oxygen essential for us to breathe. Oxygen helps with brain function and memory. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to function.

What are the best plants?

Indoor Plants

Now we know how plants are a great addition and benefit to your home environment. Read on to find out what plants are best to buy. 

Peace Lily– This plant is great for bedrooms because it’s easy to care for and purifies the air. You can place three of these plants together to fill up space because they grow fast or place one plant by itself if you have limited space. Are you not sleeping well? These are your must-have bedroom plants to improve your sleep. 

Spider plants- these are other great plants to look after. Spider plants work well in hanging baskets since they can grow long vines and drape down like a curtain of green leaves. It works well if you’re trying to fill up space with plant ideas for bedrooms because it has this unique shape!

Chinese evergreen – Great plant for the bedroom because it absorbs toxins and chemicals. Place these plants around to help absorb toxic chemicals. For example, when painting walls so that you won’t breathe in the fumes so much.

Giant Dracaena– This plant releases oxygen at night, so if you’re someone who works overnight, this plant is perfect for you! 

Snake plant– Another easy to care for plant. This plant doesn’t need much light or water and works well in bathrooms where the air is moist. It’s a plant that you can neglect and still flourish.

Does it matter where in you put plants?

No! You can place them on the floor, on your desk/table – anywhere! Whatever works best in your space. It is such a relief knowing that even one potted plant can make a difference in air quality and oxygen levels.

Why you should make plants a priority in your life

Now that we know more about popular houseplants for bedrooms, why not try it out yourself at home! Whether you’re looking to purify the air or just trying to green up your space with plant decor, these are all great options.

I hope you are inspired to try these plants and more in your bedroom!
Another one of my recommendations is to read The healing power of plants, a great book about indoor plants.

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