Freezer storage solution

Picture of elastic bands

How do you store your opened packs of vegetable or chip bags in the freezer to dishwasher salt?

Yes, I have gone there!

And this may be something obvious to some but it is great to share tips and see how other people think and look at what is going on in their life around them.

You might have not given this much thought because I never used to either. I had a careless attitude, I had no patience and just wanted everything to be completed quickly. I would just shove the vegetable bags inside the freezer. 

When I was cooking one night I then started to pay attention to how better to seal the bags, instead of leaving them in the freezer loose and them falling out of the bag making my freezer dirty.

When opening packets of vegetables in the freezer I would twist them once, then put them back in, only to find that next time I opened the freezer tray, the pack was opened and some of the contents went inside the tray. How annoying, right. 

A better way of sealing these bags is to use elastic bands which keep them nice and tight so you won’t have to worry about contents spilling out of the bag.

My grandmother used to do this but as a child I did not give this much thought but now I see why she used to do this.

But I don’t purchase elastic bands, which I feel is such a waste of money, you are given them away for free when they come with the loose asparagus, herbs such as coriander or parsley from the supermarket or from a grocery store.

Why not store them somewhere you can easily find them? They come in handy so many times. I store them in a little compartment in my cupboard and use them regularly.

They also come in handy when needing to seal your dishwasher salt, that is if you have a dishwasher. But do you see what I mean? They have so many uses.

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