How do you dispose of period pads or Tampons at home?

Sanitary pads

Welcome to my new post on my habits and tips that could save you money when it comes to sanitary towels.

In a previous post, I  covered the type of sanitary towels I use; and their different purposes. In this post, I will cover how you might want to think about how you dispose of these if you are not already doing so. I want to get you thinking about where you are wasting money. 

I have always been quite thrifty when it comes to how I use items and I want to share this with you.

Not everyone wants to save money and, that is fine but, I get a great buzz from it.  I feel it is a sense of achievement for me.

When it is time to dispose of your sanitary towel or tampon at home, are you one of those people who waste tissue? by concealing it in tissue, then throwing it away? STOP!!!

What a waste of money but, we do it because that is what we have always done. We stumble and think that is the only solution but it’s not. 

Here are my two solutions and what I have found useful and have even got other women in my family to do. 

What I think is a better way, which you can disagree on if you want or you don’t have to listen to.

What I do is

Take a black bin bag, cut a small piece and place either the sanitary towel or tampon inside and bin it this way. After my menstrual cycle has finished, I store the remaining unused bin liner in the cupboard, ready to use again, the next month and the next, and the next. How cheap does this sound?     

The second solution would be to store and use the packaging the original sanitary towel comes in. Place the used sanitary towel inside, fold it and bin it. 

Let me know your thoughts and whether I have helped you save on purchasing toilet rolls.

Disposing period pads and Tampons
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