Free movie website

Free movie streaming service

In today’s article, I let you in on another free movie website I discovered. I have previously posted about the NowTV subscription service. But I have found another online movie provider you might be interested in called Rakuten TV UKYou may or may not have heard about it from previous bloggers, but here is my opinion and knowledge about it. See More: Watch popular movies with a Now Tv Subscription

Free movie website

Free Movie Website

Movies to watch

I haven’t watched any films from this provider because I still need to get through some movies from the subscription I signed up with at NowTV recently. But let me take you through what I discovered. If you fancy watching movies for free, this is your go-to movie provider.

So with movie provider Rakuten TV UK, they provide free movies without the need to subscribe to their channel just go to their website, and you can instantly click watch; it will take you straight to the movie section. However, the only downfall is that advertisements play between scenes. Some are popular movies, and some are unknown to me. Nevertheless, I will still be coming here to watch movies that stand out to me. 

Accessing The Rakuten Website

Access their website with the link I have provided. When accessing their website on the top bar, you will see categories Home – Store – Free – Live TV – Subscriptions. So you have a choice of options to consider.

And a selection of genres. Comedy, Romance, Thriller, Action, Horror, Family and Kids TV. Some that I have heard of and some that I haven’t. There is a vast selection of family and kids movies too.

What Is Rakuten TV Offering?

Sometimes I also like to rent out movies. The cost of renting out movies can vary from £2.45 upwards. Rakuten TV also has the option of renting out movies too. Similar to other subscription channels such as Amazon Prime TV and Google play as well. You can also buy these from them to watch online rather than having them on DVD.

All this is my opinion, but please decide for yourself whether these will suit your preferences and needs. Also, don’t just take my word for it; look into these subscription options here too. I have written this article as a guide to assist you in your decision-making with choosing where to gain access to movies when you are in the mood to watch one. All information is accurate when posting.

Have you checked them out? Then let me know what you think about their free streaming service by leaving a comment. Also, be sure to check out my post about the benefits of Now Tv’s Subscription service.

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