Designing Your Dream Kitchen

Kitchen design
Kitchen design
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So, you have followed all the house hunting tips and you have landed your dream property. Congratulations! However, the chances are that not even your dream home will tick all the boxes. And, one of the most personal aspects of a home is the kitchen. 

Your kitchen will need to reflect the unique needs of your home and family, fit your style, and just be functional. 

The home’s previous owner might not have had the same taste! If you have been thinking about renovating your kitchen, you might have been worrying about picking the right style. However, you wanted to keep your expenses within your budget. In the sections below, you can find a few tips to bring to life a stylish, functional, and fully tailored kitchen – affordably!

Embrace Minimalism

If you are unsure what style to opt for when renovating your kitchen, minimalism is always the answer. The idea behind this lifestyle is that you will only focus on investing in high-quality pieces and owning less. At first, this might seem extreme, but there are endless benefits to a minimalist lifestyle, such as:

  • Minimalism can help you keep your home clean and free of pollutants and allergens
  • It is easier to keep a minimalist home free of clutter and disorder
  • Minimalism is a timeless, highly versatile style that will help your renovation retain its value

Opt for Statement Pieces

If you have decided that minimalism is the right choice for you but you are looking to create a focal point in your kitchen, look no further than statement pieces. Statement chairs such as knocker dining chairs, a vintage table, or artwork can elevate the overall style of your kitchen while also keeping it clean, modern, streamlined, and easy to maintain. 

When it comes down to adding a statement piece to your kitchen, keep in mind that these can be valuable and expensive. Consulting a professional designer can help you make the right choices to achieve the results you have in mind. 

A Timeless Design Always Pays Off

When renovating your kitchen, you might be tempted to imprint it with your style and follow the latest trends. However, a kitchen renovation is by far the most expensive home improvement project a homeowner could be taking on. Of course, it retains its value, and the return on investment can be great – but only if you opt for a timeless, durable, and long-lasting design!

Use Light to Your Advantage

Not all kitchens are blessed with large windows or skylights. However, since you will be spending most of your time at home in the kitchen, you should ensure that you have plenty of lights to enjoy your daily activities without struggling. 

Start by swapping heavy drapes and letting natural light in as much as possible. Placing mirrors in strategic corners and not directly where sunlight reaches it can help you amplify the amount of natural light in the kitchen. 

Additionally, you should invest in plenty of lights and task lights around the kitchen, prepping, and cooking area so that you can have optimum visibility around the clock. 

You Will Need More Space Than You Think

When renovating a kitchen, you will want to create a beautiful area for your family. But don’t forget about the importance of adding the right functionalities to it! And, when in your kitchen, you will always be in need of more storage space. Make sure to integrate cabinets, pantry areas, and intelligent storage in multiple places in your kitchen.

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