Bargain finds! The supermarkets I love to shop in and Why


I love shopping in Lidl. However, I also love shopping in Sainsbury’s because I love receiving points on my Nectar card. Sainsbury’s was always the place I used to get all of my shopping from for a very long time until Lidl came into my area. I can’t depart from it. I am too attached; to be honest, I don’t want or feel the need to let go.

The image shows cotton ear buds because I have compared the prices of them in different supermarkets.

Cheaper products in Lidl

Have you noticed how much their cotton earbuds cost? They are just £0.29. Walk in the adults’ toiletry aisle in Sainsbury’s, and you will find these priced at £0.75 or £0.40 in the baby aisle. Since January 2022 I also noticed that Sainsbury’s too have stocked a brand called Nova and are priced at 0.29p.

Lidl supermarket cheap finds Price
Cotton Earbuds£0.29
Sensodyne Gentle Whitening toothpaste£2.19
Rich Tea Biscuits £0.29
Lurpack Butter Tub Replica£1.99
Multi-Surface Polish£0.49

Their multi-surface polish sells even cheaper than what you will find in Poundland, and it does the same job and smells similar to branded polishes.

The image is of a toothbrush with toothpaste. I have recommended a toothpaste for those who are experiencing tooth pain due to sensitivity.

Another essential product in my toiletry bag is the Sensodyne gentle whitening toothpaste. 

It fulfils three purposes at the same time, it not only whitens teeth slightly, but it also smells so fresh giving you a nice fresh breath and helping if you have sensitive teeth. It is such a fab toothpaste for anyone suffering from tooth pain, which is the cause of tooth sensitivity. It works wonders on my teeth. 

The Sensodyne toothpaste from Lidl is £2.19; when I checked the price today, the price is £3.50 in all other supermarkets. What a bargain! 

Before setting off to buy this product, I also recommend comparing the price of the toothpaste with other supermarkets or chemists like boots on google. Sometimes you might find it cheaper but not every time.

Rich tea biscuits? £0.29. I am a big fan of rich tea biscuits; I love dunking them in my tea, and they also taste amazing when eaten with a Cadbury chocolate bar, excluding the tea. 

The image is of biscuits and a cup of tea. I have compared the price of rich tea biscuits from different supermarkets.

When you compare other supermarket’s own-label brands and the actual rich tea price, you will notice that these are well priced. 

Butter? A replica of Lurpack costs £1.99. There are so many bargains to be found. 

Lidl App

Lidl also has a great app that gives you more discounts on certain products based on your shopping habits.  

Thank you for reading! Let me know of other bargain finds you have come across.

Please note prices are correct at the time of posting.


  1. I do my main shop at tesco mainly because I collect clubcard points and use them for days out, to pay for my delivery saver and for weekends away! I also do little shops at Aldi as I find it really exciting (sad I know!) going round and finding the bargains!

    1. Hi Becca, you have children so I totally get that, I would want to save money for days out too. It also depends on what supermarkets are close to you. I hardly do online shopping because I prefer going into the store. The stores close to me are Lidl and Sainsburys but Sainsburys has previously always been the supermarket I have shopped from so this is why I keep going back but I also like the quality of their products.

  2. I love shopping at Lidl too because they always have great deals. I also love their pastries haha

  3. I like browsing Lidl central aisle you never know what you will find. My daughter needs gluten free foods and Sainsbury is very good for that.

    1. They do but, it does depend on the size of Lidl. My local one is not too big but, they do stock some great products in those aisles but not a large variety. 🙂

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