Why you need to repair your car

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If you have ever been in an accident, you know that it’s not always easy to get the money back from insurers if there has been any damage. You know that you will be responsible for your own repairs until you can claim it, and that can take time. It can be super tempting to use an insurance payout for something other than your car, but you have to consider what your day to day needs are and repair the car as quickly as possible. 

When you are on the road and your car is damaged, speed is a necessity so that you can get to your destination. Something to think about it that you wouldn’t let your car have the exhaust hanging off the back, and you wouldn’t drive with brake pads that have no grip. Instead, you have to get to let say a local Toyota repair center or if you have a Land Rover a local Land Rover accident repair centre, as they can fix it as quickly as possible. So, with this in mind, here are five reasons to repair your car quickly and not wait.

A mechanic fixing a car
  • The first reason is your insurance. If your car is damaged and you file for an insurance claim to get the money to repair the car, you’ll be penalised for it. You should spend the money on fixing the damage, and in certain cases, your insurance company will only pay a little of the claim if it happens again. You also don’t want your physical damage coverage to be dropped if you don’t fix your car.
  • You can resell it. If you leave a car and don’t repair it, offloading it when you want to sell it is going to be pretty impossible. You want to make sure that you lessen the pressure on your car and keep it roadworthy and ready to resell later. It needs to have the right value for you to sell it on and repairing it will get you there.
  • Prevention of further damage. If you don’t repair a damaged car, you are going to enjoy further damage. It’s like not getting a broken bone fixed: if you keep walking on it, it’ll continue to break down and cause an infection. You don’t have to have this problem! Getting your car fixed is the best solution and you avoid further damage in the future, too.
  • It’ll fail the MOT. Let’s say that there’s an issue with your car, and you choose not to get it fixed. If you do that, you’re going to fail the MOT because it’ll pick up on all of those issues. 
  • You could lose necessary functions. Imagine not being able to brake correctly on the motorway because you didn’t get it fixed in time? Imagine not fixing the tail lights in your car and being pulled over? You don’t want to lose the necessary functions of your car, so getting it fixed will help you in the long run. Without that fix, you could be looking at a dead car in no time.

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