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While most people have spent the past two years at home, it has also allowed many to set some time to take on DIY projects. About 36% of adults say that they take on projects to make their homes more enjoyable to live in. Here are some of the best DIY projects you can tackle while at home.

Reupholster your furniture

Purchasing new furniture can be very expensive to do. If your furniture looks worn, you can give it a new look by reupholstering it. It’s also great to save a few sentimental pieces with unique backstories in your home. Plus, you would not only be saving more money, but you will also have endless design choices to select and reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

Before taking on any DIY project, you will need a few tools such as pliers, scissors, new fabrics, staple removers, and pliers. You will also need a glue gun to help you fix the new fabric on your furniture. For example, Glue Guns Direct has some of the best glue guns available. Reupholstering can be tricky, especially if you are doing it for the first time. You can get a friend or family member to assist you during the process. For more sustainable tips click this link.

Revamp your front door

Have you noticed that your front door is looking dull? Well, it might require a fresh paint job. Plus, it’s a great way to ramp up your curb appeal and give your home a new look. Most front doors are made out of wood, or at least steel that you can paint over. Ensure that you have thoroughly prepped your door for a new paint job. You will need to clean, sand, and prime your door before putting on a fresh coat of paint. If you want to make sure you paint over all cracks and corners, you can remove the door and lay it out horizontally on a levelled surface. 

When it comes to the type of paint to use, your choice could be oil or water-based paints. Oil paints take longer to dry than water-based paints. However, they are more durable. Water-based paints are easy to work with and clean and are more eco-friendly than oil paints. Ensure that you research building codes and permits before changing the colour of your front door. Some paint manufacturers also select permitted paints to use if you live in a homeowner association neighbourhood. 

Label kitchen items

If you’re a stickler for organisation, you can turn that passion into a fun activity! But while labelling can be something fun to do, it also helps you and your household know where certain items are and what items you have. Additionally, it helps resolve your clutter issues and ensures that every item in your home is in its rightful place.

Some of the key areas to start labelling items include kitchens and bathrooms. That’s because these rooms have the most foot traffic and tend to be shared. You can also label items in your home office or bedroom. There are several storage bins and bottles to help you separate and label your items. You can also purchase a label maker. Those are relatively affordable.

Garden bench

If you enjoy spending time outdoors, you can fix up a cute garden bench where you and your family can kick back and relax. Many DIY garden bench styles can give your lawn an extra touch. Depending on your preferences, you can build your bench out of wood or block. You will need tools such as a measuring tape, square, chisel, drill, handheld sander, paintbrushes, clamps, and many others to get started.

For the best advice, you can speak to an assistant at a hardware store. You can get your selected option pre-cut from a hardware store based on your dimensions using wood. This will help you know which joints to connect and assemble the pieces. You will need to prep the assembled bench for painting by sanding and staining. 

Doorknobs and handles

Sometimes it’s easy to forget to change all doorknobs and handles to make them consistent with all the changes in your home. These handles are prone to deterioration because they are constantly used around the home. Upgrading your doorknobs doesn’t have to be expensive or cumbersome. The easiest and fastest way to give it life is by spray painting. You can apply primers to your door handles before spraying to make them last longer. The good news is that there are several colour options to choose from. 

Of course, there are more DIY projects you can try your hands on around your home. Hopefully, these ideas will inspire you to make your home where you always want to come back.  

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