4 Tips For Landscaping Your New Build Home

A picture of a lady stepping on stones in the garden
A picture of a lady stepping on stones in the garden

When you move into a new build home, perhaps even one that you have worked with NFC Homes to create and design yourself, there is one thing you’ll need to consider. Although the house itself might be absolutely perfect and exactly the way you want it, what about the garden? 

With a proper strategy in place, you can create a landscaped garden that does what it should and lasts for years. Your garden is as vital as any other aspect of your property. If you take the time to create a beautiful landscape while creating a beautiful home, you will be able to appreciate your garden much more. With that in mind, here are some landscaping tips for your new house.

Plant New Trees

Create a small grove of trees to adorn your garden and provide enough shade for you to enjoy the space all year round. Make a list of the tree species that will be suitable for your house; you’ll need to think about the climate, the size of the garden (and the size of the tree), as well as how much maintenance you want to provide. Remember, some trees make a big mess when they lose their leaves, and you’ll need to sweep it up. Do you want to do that? Deciduous trees, such as pine, oak, and birch trees, lose their leaves, but evergreen ones do not, so this is a crucial point to be aware of. 

Trees that grow to be too large will either obstruct the windows or develop roots that will interfere with the underground plumbing or your foundations. Overall, you should plant trees that are the appropriate size and can be properly maintained.

Plant New Plants 

There are approximately 500,000 different plant species to choose from for your garden. Plants that are natural to your area are the best ones to pick (and this will certainly help to narrow things down). Foreign plants will not thrive in the local climate and may die off prematurely. 

Consider adding bushes, shrubs, vines, and fruit-bearing or blooming plants to your landscape. Most essentially, concentrate on creating a healthy, appealing lawn. Investing in artificial turf is one option, but you can also focus on creating greener, healthier grass by feeding it well and mowing it regularly. 

Add A Privacy Fence

Increase the amount of privacy on your property by erecting a fence. Some people choose to have little picket fences around their gardens. While others have big, stone, gated walls around their gardens to keep intruders out. The fence boards can be constructed of any strong, long-lasting material, such as wood, stone, metal, or barbed wire, and they can come in any size, shape, or colour.

Install Lighting 

People often overlook the significance of effective landscape lighting. They are unaware of the issue until they are forced to replace the light bulb on the front or back patio. Even then, they might believe that having to make hundreds of replacements over a few years is the norm. Install energy-efficient lighting from the start of a new house to prevent having to worry about bulbs that overheat or burn out and need to be replaced on a regular basis.

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