4 Simple Ways To Save Money

Picture of a lady closing her purse

When you hear about saving money, it might feel restricting. However, it is easy saving money while still enjoying each day. You will see that saving money is exhilarating and does not have to be a strain. Check out my advice about creating a budget and learn more about budgeting by clicking here.

Picture of a lady closing her purse

Tips for how to save money

Saving money does not have to be a complicated process. Set a simple goal to save a specific amount of money daily, weekly, or even monthly. You don’t have to be saving money for something specific, such as a home, holiday or a new car, whatever it is. However, setting a savings goal can help you stay focused on what you aim to buy with those savings. You will see your savings add up in no time, and it may even make you want to increase your saving goal. Planning to put money aside for a specific item will place less pressure on you to save more for that item.

For example, let’s say you say to yourself I will save £100 monthly, but you review your budget and notice that you can add more to your savings. You can keep doing this monthly to see what else you can cut back on.

Take lunch to work

Lunch box ideas

Take your lunch to work instead of buying from outside joints. Are you bored with your home lunch ideas? Why not head over to youtube to get ideas for simple lunches to make.

Your money can go a long way by preparing your lunch to take with you to work. If you find that you are too busy and cannot do this, then plan the days where you can fit in making lunch for work and on the other days, you can purchase from outside venues. If you decide to buy your lunch, look for deals in supermarkets or Boots pharmacy stores. Get an idea of what Boots offer and see more advice.

Buy items in bulk

Buying items in bulk works out so much cheaper than buying them individually. Buying for yourself or the whole family, you will notice a difference in your wallet. What do I mean by purchasing items in bulk? Well, do you often find yourself purchasing a chocolate bar or anything from your work vending machine? Do your kids regularly buy sweets and chocolates from sweatshops? Regularly get single bottles of water or bottled drinks?

The cost of individually priced chocolate bars in sweatshops or vending machines costs from 0.80 pence or more for one. Compare prices in supermarkets and buy a pack of chocolates for four bars costing only£1.00. If they do get eaten fast in your home? Consider hiding them in a sealed box and labelling them “Snacks for work.” The same with bottles and drinks. Buy them in bulk from the supermarket.

Limit your visits to coffee shop vendors

Picture of a lady pouring tea in a flask

Putting money towards buying a flask is a great alternative to visiting a coffee shop to get your hot drink fix for the day. Yes, I know making your coffee isn’t the same as buying from a coffee shop, but I would prefer to put money aside for more important things rather than buying a hot drink daily. Also, flasks can hold a large amount of hot liquid and last for 12 hours. You can also top this up if you need to whilst at work.

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