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Sanitary pads

Women tend to be more cautious with money because of our continuous needs to purchase sanitary products every month. And if you are anything like me, having to go to the hairdressers to dye my hair because I regrettably started to dye my hair when I was young. For me, the thought of letting it grow out just wasn’t a route I wanted to go down. Anyway, let’s move on to what the title refers to.

Over time sanitary products become expensive so, why not put money aside for your next purchase. 

My usual go-to period pads are the Always ultra, and always have been, which I am sure many of you can relate to; I use this brand because of the scent it exudes and how comfortable I can make it fit into my underwear. 

Last year, I started to be more mindful about my sanitary product usage. I began thinking it was pointless using the branded sanitary towels during times when I am at home either lounging around or cleaning. I, therefore, decided that in addition to my purchase of always sanitary towels, I would start to buy Sainsbury’s supermarket own branded sanitary products, which only cost 0.65p. Bargain!!!! If that is what you are after.

You might be thinking, well, how does this save me money, but it does because you would not have to keep purchasing the expensive branded sanitary towels since you would have a lot left over. 

Every time I go out to work or socially, I feel more comfortable wearing the scented pads. It did not make much difference because this would all disappear when menstruating, but this is what I preferred. I felt more confident for a while. 

In the long run, it saves me money; it might not be for everyone, but why not try it out and see if it works for you?

Sanitary Towels
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